Tales of the Northern Regions

A Siege Broken

A Feast Interrupted

Floating down the river in the midst of battle, the party was an easy target for the undead forces beseiging the city. They beached their boat near the city gates, and helped the city's guard fight off the attackers, along with cavalrymen, Sir Jamys, and a powerful barbarian, Throlvar. Together, they defeated the enemies at the gates, and the survivors were either routed or captured. Although the countryside was decimated in the attack, the city proper was thankfully spared from any undead assault.

Due to their help in breaking the siege, as well as their connections to the nobility and the court, the party was invited to a feast being held inside the Lord of Brenhal's (Lord Ladrian) palace, to celebrate what they called their victory over the undead army. Despite Planus' objections to wearing proper formalwear, they were accepted at the feast, and sat at a table with Sir Jamys, Sariel, and Throlvar. King Rowland II made an appearance at the feast, much to Lord Ladrian pleasure, and the party was, overall, a success. That is, until the windows shattered, grappling hooks were thrown, and the partygoers were, essentially, taken hostage by a group calling themselves "The Royal Bloods". They were led by a well-dressed bard, Theran Evenwood, two hooded rogues, and a tall, tattoed barbarian. Theran gave a speech to the now scared Lords and Ladies of Elendel, telling them that the lower classes in Brenhal were tired of what they deemed oppression at the hands of the rich. The bard then opened a portal out of the feast hall, and the two rogues disappeared back out the windows into the night. The barbarian, before he could make his escape, was tackled and apprehended at the hands of Throlvar, Sir Jamys, and Planus. The King and Sir Jamys thanked the party before both going their respective ways, and the party left the now-ruined and empty feast hall with what seemed like a new adversary on their hands.


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