Tales of the Northern Regions

First Session

In this session, the party witnessed the brutal end of an orc hero in the middle of a crowded city, then gathered together at an inn and embarked on a quest to watch over some university students at an excavation. However, the excavation went awry, and the students, along with most others present, ended up slaughtered at the hands of an army of ghouls. Fleeing from the overpowering foes, the party ended up in an undiscovered, ancient giant tomb, where they met the rotting, yet still living giant Mulfrym. Mulfrym informed the party that the person behind the sudden appearance of the ghoul army was an old necromancer, Ner’zhul, who was supposedly defeated many years ago after staging an attack on a major city. The ancient giant promised to help the party, and allowed them use of the giant tomb as a base of operations.


pkharoutunian pkharoutunian

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