Tales of the Northern Regions

Jertal Journey

In this session, the party departed Miritral after witnessing a grand military parade, retrieving their items from the engineer, and being hired to take a cart of supplies to Jertal. They stopped by the tomb they had converted, picking up Orik, and resting before continuing on their way. However, they were assaulted by a surprise attack from a group of goblins. The goblins killed their horse, but were quickly cut down save for one archer, who tried to escape but was hunted down by most of the party, who succeeded in making him pee his breeches and sending him into cardiac arrest. They arrived in Jertal soon after, dropping off the supplies and having a night out with Orik’s cousin. Sleeping in the nearby inn, the party awoke to a gruesome scene: a woman had been brutally murdered outside a local squatting spot. The party, promised gold from the city guard, delved into an abandoned mine and discovered a cave opening, which turned out to be home to a tribe of Troglodytes. After defeating the smelly creatures, they delved deeper into the cave, and came across a Basilisk nest. The creature was swiftly defeated, but not without a cost. Markus was turned to stone as a result of not diverting his gaze, and is now petrified until the party finds someone who can revert him back to normal form.


pkharoutunian pkharoutunian

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