Tales of the Northern Regions

Second Session

For the first time in forever

In this session, half of the party departed the tomb base (Orik stayed behind to assist with renovating the base with his engineering experience, and Balooga Jones wandered off to find the bathroom). On the surface, Planus and Markus encountered a company of soldiers under the lead of Jamys Torran, who enlisted them to investigate reports of mysterious figures snooping around a ghost down in the deserts. Jamys also offered them the help of a university student, Elas Vat, a student who was with the university expedition when they were attacked. They departed on the way to the ghost town and arrived there via riverboat by the end of the day. They encountered three infantrymen of unknown origin snooping around the ghost town, which were quickly dispatched thanks to the help of Planus and Elas. They returned to Miritral, and were paid handsomely upon their return, with a bonus reward for the finding of a letter that revealed the purpose of the soldiers in the ghost town: looking for old bodies to be resurrected. Wanting to spend their newfound coin, the party went their various ways around the city and visited the shops to upgrade their things.


pkharoutunian pkharoutunian

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