Tales of the Northern Regions

Stronghold Struggles

The party, returning from a stop at the tomb (leaving Orik behind in the process), made some trips between Miritral and Brenhal, and eventually met with Jamys again in Brenhal after receiving his letter. He told them that he wanted them to infiltrate a stronghold of undead, east of the city deep in the wilderness. So they departed, but not before promising to help a citizen of Brenhal find out what happened to his lost brother and cousin. After a couple days of searching in the wilderness, they found a werewolf’s lair, containing the corpse of the man’s brother, as well as proof that his cousin was transformed into a werewolf. The party defeated the werewolf, taking the brother’s sword as proof of what had happened, and following Jamy’s instructions, found the hidden entrance into the undead stronghold.
Squeezing inside, they made their way through a trapped cave before finding their way into the stronghold proper. Some impressive stealth rolls later, they ended up inside what they found out to be a small jail. They investigated what seemed like a pile of rags in the corner, and found what was actually an emaciated and weak Elven mage. They gave her some food and water, and then went through her abandoned laboratory to get supplies. After unknowingly preventing her execution, they left her in the relative safety of the jail cell and moved on to their target: a powerful necromancer in control on the stronghold. They defeated a group of undead inside a large “sacrificial chamber” and then took on the necromancer. His health was depleting fast but the mage managed to knock Elas unconscious with a hail of ice, but was quickly dispatched with a well-timed and powerful fireball from the exhausted Elf mage. She put her last energy into healing Elas and then passed out. With his dying breaths, the necromancer revealed that he was only one of many, and that Ner’zhul was hiding in the Northern regions of Elendel, if the party really wished to find him. He also gave them some troubling news; an undead army was stored in this stronghold, and it had already begun to march on Brenhal. With the necromancer dead, the party, along with Sariel (the formerly imprisoned Elf), made haste to Brenhal, but they were too late. The undead army had arrived before them, and had already laid waste to the countryside and was now besieging the city proper.


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