Tales of the Northern Regions

This campaign will begin with the player characters in a large crowd on the central street of the city Brenhal, in the Kingdom of Elendel. The people of Brenhal are gathered in the streets to watch the return of the famed Orc adventurer and local hero, Krusk The One-Tusked. Riding on a strong brown Destrier, the adventurers see Krusk waving and smiling to the crowd, which is comprised of mostly orcs. Krusk is one of the few Orcs who have risen to a prominent position in the entire kingdom, and has been fighting hard for equal treatment of his race in Elendel, and as such is a beloved figure for all orcs in Elendel.
As Krusk proudly rides through the crowded and tight streets of Brenhal, a hooded and cloaked figure emerges from the crowd. He levels a pistol to Krusk’s Destrier and fires, swiftly killing the beast and sending it crashing to the hard cobblestone streets. Krusk screams out as his legg is smashed and fractured by the massive weight of the horse, pinning him to the ground as more cloaked assassins emerge from the crowd, wielding daggers and shortswords. Krusk’s cries of pain are cut short as the assassins overwhelm the Orc and stab and slash their weapons, cutting his body into pieces in front of the crowd. Before the guards can push through the crowd to the scene, the assassins have moved back into the crowd, which is now shifting and moving wildly in the ensuing chaos, easily hiding the fleeing assassins. Krusk’s butchered corpse, surrounded by cloaked assassins moments ago, is now surrounded by weeping and sobbing Orcs, their hero brutally slain in front of them.


pkharoutunian pkharoutunian

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