Jamys Torran

Captain of the guard in Miritral


Standing at just over six feet tall, Jamys Torran is a middle-aged man most often seen in a suit of plate armor with a longsword at his hip. Despite his age, however, he is surprisingly fit. Strong and fast, Jamys is a formidable opponent.


In his younger and more vulnerable years, Jamys was an embarrassment to his family. Unsuccessful in all pursuits that he took on, he was entering adulthood with no merit under his belt. So, under pressure from his father, he signed up to join the city guard. As it turned out, it was his true calling. The training regime quickly transformed him, both physically and mentally, and he soon found himself climbing the ranks faster than any of his superiors had seen before. And it was clear that he wasn’t simply the subject of favoritism. During one of his first patrols, he came across a group of bandits harassing an old woman in an alleyway, seeking to rob her of her coinpurse. He attempted to arrest them, but they resisted, and he slew most of them before following the survivor, tracking him to a bandit hideout in an abandoned building. Nobody knows exactly what happened next, but one witness reports seeing Jamys exit the building with an extra longsword, one bloodied to the point of looking as if it was made of rubies, with his boot planted firmly in the stomach of what looked to be the leader of the bandits.

Jamys is considered responsible for the sharp decline in crime that has become a trend recently in Miritral. As such, he is held in a favorable light by the residents of the city, and holds a powerful position as a close ally of the king.

Jamys Torran

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