King Rowland II

The ruler of the Kingdom of Elendel


Built more like a knight than a diplomat, King Graham Rowland II is a young ruler, loved as much for his success in running the kingdom as he is for good looks and charismatic personality.


Born Graham Rowland II, he was actually the second son of Maximilian Rowland, never meant to be King. However, when his older brother Ashfield mysteriously disappeared at the age of 20, he was forced into the spotlight of royalty. Despite his love of combat over the politics and etiquette courses he was forced to take, he was as skilled at diplomacy as he was at fighting, much to the surprise (and joy) of his parents.

As time passed, Maximilian aged more and more poorly, and passed away just as Graham reached adulthood. Though he was skilled as a noble, he had missed years of training and had never wanted to sit on the throne as his brother was meant to. He reluctantly accepted the crown, and sat on his throne as the King of Elendel. He did not want the duty, but he could not let his kingdom fall from grace simply because Ashfield was gone. Early on, he faced harsh backlash from many of his opponents, as they felt he was too young to rule. However, these accusations were quickly proved wrong as Graham swiftly took down the pirates during the Blackwater Barricade, and increased trade with surrounding nations, as well as pushing further and further on the frontiers of civilized land in Elendel. Nowadays, one would be hard pressed to find a nobleman who speaks against King Graham II, either out of respect and belief in his reign, or fear of sounding like a fool despite their beliefs.

King Rowland II

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