Krusk The One-Tusked

A famous Orc hero/adventurer


Tall and well-muscled, Krusk is a very capable fighter, who has been known to survive against impossible odds. He keeps his hair short, to make sure it doesn’t pose a problem during combat, though he lets his facial hair grow out into a styled beard, as is Orcish tradition. His name, “the One-Tusked”, comes from his lack of a second tusk, which was completely knocked out during a battle.


Krusk The One-Tusked rose to fame after nearly single-handedly holding off an attack on Brenhal, slaying an extremely impressive number of bandits attempting to take over the town and claim it as their base of operations. After the invasion, Krusk departed Brenhal with a group of skilled soldiers, off to wipe out the bandits at their current hideout in the wilderness East of the city. The bandits turned out to be led by a powerful necromancer, paying the bandits to act as a front in return for sparing their lives when he raises his force of undead. Of course, the treacherous necromancer went back on his deal, slaying and raising the unknowing bandits as powerful undead warriors. Krusk was the only survivor of the assault. Though he rarely speaks of the event, he reportedly wiped out the entire undead force, along with their necromancer, claiming the threat was dealt with and that neither party was a threat to anyone anymore.
After his heroic actions that saved Brenhal from a wicked and brutal fate as the thralls of a necromancer, Krusk became a full-time adventurer, keeping the area safe from all kinds of threats, whether they were petty thiefs or a group of ogres attacking the city looking for food. However, being an Orc (a typically hated race, viewed as outsiders that are encroaching upon human and elf territory), Krusk came under much scrutiny as he rose to fame, and was the victim of many a threat, and even a few attempts to sabotage his adventures. Witnessing first hand how ridiculously difficult it was for an Orc to rise to power in Elendel, Krusk also became an activist for equality, fighting to end the schism between humans and elves, and the other minority non-humans.
In present times, Krusk is now a famous figure across the Kingdom. Whether for his spectacular adventures or his uphill struggle against the stigma against Orcs, Krusk The One-Tusked is a household name from Brenhal all the way to Jaylen.

Krusk The One-Tusked

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