Markus Drylkanas

Criminal turned bounty hunter turned adventurer


Average height, average build, and better-than-average beard. The perfect disguise.


As a child, much to his parents’ annoyance, Markus loved to steal. Cookies, trinkets, and coins were all fair game, inside and out of his house. He once stole the neighbor’s cat and took ownership of it for a whole week before they noticed. Unfortunately for Markus, as he grew out of adolescence, his actions began to have greater consequences, usually in the form of a few days in a jail cell, sometimes coupled with a costly fine for his parents. Their debt began to add up, and as Markus became a young adult, they passed away with thousands of gold pieces worth of debt on their hands. And so, coupled with his parents’ death, he also inherited their debt, and had no way to pay it off. He sat in the castle dungeon, eating only slop and bowls of water, before a generous officer offered him a way out: a bandit camp had begun to gain some traction nearby, and the leader had a hefty bounty on his head as well. If Markus could go to the camp, kill the leader, and bring the guard captain the leader’s corpse, then he’d earn the bounty for himself. One step towards paying off his debt. And, so, Markus took the offer. He left the city and followed the directions to the bandit camp until he found it. He snuck in, under the cover of rain and fog, and performed his job with uncanny skill. One crossbow bolt later, and the now-cold bandit leader was in the captain’s hand, and a chunk of his debt was payed off.
Markus, pleased with this result, took another bounty. Then another. And another, and took as many bounties as he could until his parents’ debt was fully payed off. Impressed with Markus’ skills, the Miritral city guard contracted him as a full time bounty hunter, with only one job. They give him the mark, and he brings them a body.

Markus Drylkanas

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