An undead and ancient giant


Although he appears to be dead, with pale skin and a rotting appearance, Mulfrym is very much alive. He is seen most often sitting down on an ancient giant’s throne, stationary at all times. On the occasion he does stand, he is slightly over twenty feet tall, dwarfing even Orik Frostbeard in size.


Nothing is known about Mulfrym’s past, aside from the fact that he is the very last of the giant race, kept alive through some unknown entity’s benevolence. He has sat dormant in an ancient giant tomb for an unknown, although certainly long, amount of time, until he was awoken by the arrival of an adventuring group escaping from an undead assault. Mulfrym, despite his age, is a kind giant, and promised to give them use of the tomb he has called home in return for their promise to destroy the coming undead plague. Now, he mostly assists Orik with cleaning up around the tomb while the rest of the party destroys evil.


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