Unknown, but surely terrifying.


Some time ago, the people of Elendel were pushing on the frontiers of their country, expanding into the less hospitable deserts and badlands bordering the East and West sides. These small border settlements were prone to raids and attacks from any number of enemies; goblins, uncivilized tribes, and wild beasts such as ogres or griffins were all known to destroy the villages relatively often.

One village, known as Tumbleweed Farms back before it was simply a grouping of ruined building foundations, was destroyed in one such attack. Assuming there were no survivors, the settlement was left to die. Unfortunately for one boy, he lived through the destruction, and was left with a pile of corpses as his family and friends. Driven mad, he prayed to the dark god of undeath, wishing to use dark magic to bring them back to life. He was granted the “gift”, but on one condition: he forever serve whatever being answered his prayers, bound to it for the rest of his life. He agreed, and the remains of the townspeople were raised back from the dead, but not in a way any young boy could imagine.

The mass of corpses that was the village of Tumbleweed Farms was fused together into a vile, bloody beast, the heads of the townspeople snapping with a hunger for human flesh. Rotting flesh fell from their bones as blood gushed out of every orifice, forming a pool that filled the whole town square, and drenching the young boy.

He broke.

Thus was the rise of the Ner’zhul, who inflicted scourge upon the lands of Elendel for years before finally being slain by the Orc adventurer Krusk twenty years before modern events. Now, undead are being risen from their graves once again, and a necromancer who calls himself Ner’zhul is at the forefront. Could they be the same evil?


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