Tales of the Northern Regions

A Siege Broken
A Feast Interrupted

Floating down the river in the midst of battle, the party was an easy target for the undead forces beseiging the city. They beached their boat near the city gates, and helped the city's guard fight off the attackers, along with cavalrymen, Sir Jamys, and a powerful barbarian, Throlvar. Together, they defeated the enemies at the gates, and the survivors were either routed or captured. Although the countryside was decimated in the attack, the city proper was thankfully spared from any undead assault.

Due to their help in breaking the siege, as well as their connections to the nobility and the court, the party was invited to a feast being held inside the Lord of Brenhal's (Lord Ladrian) palace, to celebrate what they called their victory over the undead army. Despite Planus' objections to wearing proper formalwear, they were accepted at the feast, and sat at a table with Sir Jamys, Sariel, and Throlvar. King Rowland II made an appearance at the feast, much to Lord Ladrian pleasure, and the party was, overall, a success. That is, until the windows shattered, grappling hooks were thrown, and the partygoers were, essentially, taken hostage by a group calling themselves "The Royal Bloods". They were led by a well-dressed bard, Theran Evenwood, two hooded rogues, and a tall, tattoed barbarian. Theran gave a speech to the now scared Lords and Ladies of Elendel, telling them that the lower classes in Brenhal were tired of what they deemed oppression at the hands of the rich. The bard then opened a portal out of the feast hall, and the two rogues disappeared back out the windows into the night. The barbarian, before he could make his escape, was tackled and apprehended at the hands of Throlvar, Sir Jamys, and Planus. The King and Sir Jamys thanked the party before both going their respective ways, and the party left the now-ruined and empty feast hall with what seemed like a new adversary on their hands.

Stronghold Struggles

The party, returning from a stop at the tomb (leaving Orik behind in the process), made some trips between Miritral and Brenhal, and eventually met with Jamys again in Brenhal after receiving his letter. He told them that he wanted them to infiltrate a stronghold of undead, east of the city deep in the wilderness. So they departed, but not before promising to help a citizen of Brenhal find out what happened to his lost brother and cousin. After a couple days of searching in the wilderness, they found a werewolf’s lair, containing the corpse of the man’s brother, as well as proof that his cousin was transformed into a werewolf. The party defeated the werewolf, taking the brother’s sword as proof of what had happened, and following Jamy’s instructions, found the hidden entrance into the undead stronghold.
Squeezing inside, they made their way through a trapped cave before finding their way into the stronghold proper. Some impressive stealth rolls later, they ended up inside what they found out to be a small jail. They investigated what seemed like a pile of rags in the corner, and found what was actually an emaciated and weak Elven mage. They gave her some food and water, and then went through her abandoned laboratory to get supplies. After unknowingly preventing her execution, they left her in the relative safety of the jail cell and moved on to their target: a powerful necromancer in control on the stronghold. They defeated a group of undead inside a large “sacrificial chamber” and then took on the necromancer. His health was depleting fast but the mage managed to knock Elas unconscious with a hail of ice, but was quickly dispatched with a well-timed and powerful fireball from the exhausted Elf mage. She put her last energy into healing Elas and then passed out. With his dying breaths, the necromancer revealed that he was only one of many, and that Ner’zhul was hiding in the Northern regions of Elendel, if the party really wished to find him. He also gave them some troubling news; an undead army was stored in this stronghold, and it had already begun to march on Brenhal. With the necromancer dead, the party, along with Sariel (the formerly imprisoned Elf), made haste to Brenhal, but they were too late. The undead army had arrived before them, and had already laid waste to the countryside and was now besieging the city proper.

Orcish Intrigue
Or, "How The Party Arrested A Racist Wizard And Killed A Necromancer"

Naturally, as one does when a companion is turned into solid rock, the party immediately sought out a cure to Markus’ condition. Following a friendly guard, they ended up at the door to a wizard’s laboratory. The wizard, among the screeches and hoots of his varied pet selection, agreed to help the party out for a favor. He brewed a cure, which was spread around Markus’ skin. The wizard, negotiating payment, asked a small favor of the party: that they track down a nearby orc encampment, killing them, and returning the magic crystals they had allegedly stolen from him. By midnight Markus had healed and was back to his normal self, so the party departed town in the morning and found the orc camp with relative ease. However, after Orik was tossed over the wall for a quick look, they realized all was not as they seemed. The orc camp was not filled with warriors, but rather with a small family and some friends. They were surprisingly courteous with the party, and after some negotiation, agreed to exchange some crystals in return for some seeds for crops and a good word around Jertal. When the party returned to town, they decided to investigate the strange discrepancies in their quest, and asked around town. They came to the conclusion that the wizard, who told them the orcs had stolen the crystals, was lying, and that the orcs had bought them rightfully at the local arcane store. Not knowing the wizard’s true intentions, they managed to gain the help of the local law enforcement and arrested the wizard. However, a well-placed magic missile and some slight of hand, and the wizard escaped through a portal, out of the guards’ hands and away from the party. A cursory search of his laboratory revealed his intentions: to use the magic crystals in some way to incur disaster upon the town.
They returned to the orc encampment and gave them the news. However, soon after, Planus’ paladin senses started to tingle, and the next morning the party found the wizard. He was washed up on the river shore, soggy and bare of everything save for his robes and a hat. His flesh was also rotted, and he was clearly dead. That, coupled with plumes of smoke in the direction of Jertal, signaled something was very, very wrong. The party rode hard and fast, but discovered a town set aflame, and Dumrus, cousin of Orik, slain in the streets. A vicious battle ensued between the party and a squadron of undead soldiers, as well a powerful necromancer who intervened at the last moment. Outnumbered and out-magicked by the mysterious mage, the battle finally ended due to the helpful collapse of the wizard’s tower, a well armed lieutenant, and the Wyvern Riders of the King’s Army. Unfortunately, the army was too late. The town was reduced to charred rubble, and its inhabitants suffered the same fate or were resurrected as zombies, only to be cut down once more by soldiers come to save them. Jertal is no more, and the unknown yet terrifying plans of the necromancer Ner’zhul are seemingly being put into motion.

Jertal Journey

In this session, the party departed Miritral after witnessing a grand military parade, retrieving their items from the engineer, and being hired to take a cart of supplies to Jertal. They stopped by the tomb they had converted, picking up Orik, and resting before continuing on their way. However, they were assaulted by a surprise attack from a group of goblins. The goblins killed their horse, but were quickly cut down save for one archer, who tried to escape but was hunted down by most of the party, who succeeded in making him pee his breeches and sending him into cardiac arrest. They arrived in Jertal soon after, dropping off the supplies and having a night out with Orik’s cousin. Sleeping in the nearby inn, the party awoke to a gruesome scene: a woman had been brutally murdered outside a local squatting spot. The party, promised gold from the city guard, delved into an abandoned mine and discovered a cave opening, which turned out to be home to a tribe of Troglodytes. After defeating the smelly creatures, they delved deeper into the cave, and came across a Basilisk nest. The creature was swiftly defeated, but not without a cost. Markus was turned to stone as a result of not diverting his gaze, and is now petrified until the party finds someone who can revert him back to normal form.

Second Session
For the first time in forever

In this session, half of the party departed the tomb base (Orik stayed behind to assist with renovating the base with his engineering experience, and Balooga Jones wandered off to find the bathroom). On the surface, Planus and Markus encountered a company of soldiers under the lead of Jamys Torran, who enlisted them to investigate reports of mysterious figures snooping around a ghost down in the deserts. Jamys also offered them the help of a university student, Elas Vat, a student who was with the university expedition when they were attacked. They departed on the way to the ghost town and arrived there via riverboat by the end of the day. They encountered three infantrymen of unknown origin snooping around the ghost town, which were quickly dispatched thanks to the help of Planus and Elas. They returned to Miritral, and were paid handsomely upon their return, with a bonus reward for the finding of a letter that revealed the purpose of the soldiers in the ghost town: looking for old bodies to be resurrected. Wanting to spend their newfound coin, the party went their various ways around the city and visited the shops to upgrade their things.

First Session

In this session, the party witnessed the brutal end of an orc hero in the middle of a crowded city, then gathered together at an inn and embarked on a quest to watch over some university students at an excavation. However, the excavation went awry, and the students, along with most others present, ended up slaughtered at the hands of an army of ghouls. Fleeing from the overpowering foes, the party ended up in an undiscovered, ancient giant tomb, where they met the rotting, yet still living giant Mulfrym. Mulfrym informed the party that the person behind the sudden appearance of the ghoul army was an old necromancer, Ner’zhul, who was supposedly defeated many years ago after staging an attack on a major city. The ancient giant promised to help the party, and allowed them use of the giant tomb as a base of operations.

Campaign Set Up & Intro

This campaign will begin with the player characters in a large crowd on the central street of the city Brenhal, in the Kingdom of Elendel. The people of Brenhal are gathered in the streets to watch the return of the famed Orc adventurer and local hero, Krusk The One-Tusked. Riding on a strong brown Destrier, the adventurers see Krusk waving and smiling to the crowd, which is comprised of mostly orcs. Krusk is one of the few Orcs who have risen to a prominent position in the entire kingdom, and has been fighting hard for equal treatment of his race in Elendel, and as such is a beloved figure for all orcs in Elendel.
As Krusk proudly rides through the crowded and tight streets of Brenhal, a hooded and cloaked figure emerges from the crowd. He levels a pistol to Krusk’s Destrier and fires, swiftly killing the beast and sending it crashing to the hard cobblestone streets. Krusk screams out as his legg is smashed and fractured by the massive weight of the horse, pinning him to the ground as more cloaked assassins emerge from the crowd, wielding daggers and shortswords. Krusk’s cries of pain are cut short as the assassins overwhelm the Orc and stab and slash their weapons, cutting his body into pieces in front of the crowd. Before the guards can push through the crowd to the scene, the assassins have moved back into the crowd, which is now shifting and moving wildly in the ensuing chaos, easily hiding the fleeing assassins. Krusk’s butchered corpse, surrounded by cloaked assassins moments ago, is now surrounded by weeping and sobbing Orcs, their hero brutally slain in front of them.


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