Elas Vat

University student, sole survivor


Young enough that many would still call him “boy”, Elas is very unassuming in appearance. As he looks like the typical BUM student, with messy hair and dark bags under his eyes, and in many ways fits the stereotype, few would assume that he is the sole survivor of an undead assault and a formidable magic user.


Elas was born as the only child of an unlikely couple: the King’s Court Wizard and a farmer’s daughter living in a cottage on the outskirts of Brenhal. Despite his familial connections to the court, he was left behind in Brenhal along with his mother, living a simple life with her until she passed away. With nowhere to go, he began an apprenticeship under Baron Dutoit, a famous Vivyan wizard. Finding he had a knack for magic, specifically the evocation of fire, he studied at the Brenhal University of Magic after his apprenticeship, in order to both further hone his skills, and hopefully gain the attention of his father. Though his magic skills were well trained during his time at the university, his father was still rather absent from his life. To go along with this disappointment, his time at the university was cut short by an expedition gone horribly wrong. Sparing the gruesome details, Elas’ group was cut down by a surprise attack by a large group of powerful undead soldiers, and he was the only survivor. Disillusioned by the destruction of the attack, he set off with an adventuring party, leaving what remained of his life behind.

Elas Vat

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