Awakened space debris that worships the sun


Planus is a towering creature, with shiny, metallic “skin” and a look in his eye that only means one thing: “cosmic”. He wears no armor, as his metal body provides enough to shrug off attacks. Standing at almost six and a half feet tall, Planus’ imposing figure can easily frighten off the easiest of prey, and if that fails, well, his chain whip is usually enough to change their minds.


Occasionally, magical energy will escape to space, where it coalesces around mysterious metal debris floating in orbit and gives it the gift of sentient life. This awakened debris eventually de-orbits, and comes back down to the surface. Unfortunately for the people of Elendel, Planus, as he calls himself, landed in their kingdom. He believes himself to be the sole missionary of the great god Cosmic. Most others believe him to be an unfortunate magical accident. While both beliefs hold some merit, one thing is undeniably true: Planus will spread the glory of Cosmic, no matter the obstacles he faces.


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