Thokk Tarkaroth

Orc Village Leader


Thokk is tall, as most orcs are, as well as strong and intimidating, as most orcs are. He’s about middle-aged, with a rough face strewn with various scars and pockmarked by age.


Thokk was born in the Brenhall Orc ghetto, living in filth and poverty for most of his childhood. At a young age, he fled the city, seeking a better life outside of the ghetto and civilization. He became a hermit, living in isolation in the wilderness, only stopping by small towns when he was in need of supplies. He lived like this for years, building a house for himself away from civilization and away from the oppression that defined most of his life. But on one of the few occasions he visited a nearby small town, he met another orc, a woman named Yevelda. His visits to the town became more frequent after they met, although he did not need the supplies. Eventually, Thokk convinced Yevelda to follow his footsteps and leave society, away from racism in the wilderness. She left with him, leaving her old town behind and living together in Thokk’s homemade home.

Thokk would end up meeting more orcs on his visits, and every time, he would try to convince them to leave with him. Most refused, for whatever reason, but he convinced one other Orc to leave with him: Holg, a skilled blacksmith. The three of them formed their own village in the wilderness, moving around Elendel in their nomad community. Naturally, as they lived in the wilderness, monsters would frequently trouble them. But between Thokk’s brute strength and Holg’s weapons, they were quickly cut down, and beasts in the area of their village would quickly learn to avoid wherever they settled.

Thokk, after having multiple children with Yevelda, attempted to settle near Jertal. They lived there in relative peace, before a wizard from the town attempted to have them murdered in order to gain access to their supply of magic-infused crystals. The wizard disappeared soon after, and Jertal was destroyed by an undead army. Thokk’s encampment came under attack as well, but him and Holg managed to fight the forces off with relative ease. Him and his companions left the area soon after, looking for a new home in the Badlands to the east.

Thokk Tarkaroth

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